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The Natural Park: Declared a Biosphere Reserve by Unesco in 1983 and a Natural Park in 1986, the Sierra de Cazorla is a collection of precipitous mountains cut by deep flowing rivers forming numerous waterfalls and still lakes surrounded by  magnificent forests harbouring an extraordinary variety of wildlife including the Spanish Ibex, red deer, wild boar, wildcat, fox, otter,  golden eagle, egyptian vulture etc...  There is also an abundance of flora including the Cazorla Violet (an endemic plant discovered in 1902 – 1903 by the botanist Michael Gandoger), the Cazorla Columbine etc...

Ubeda: From the Vazquez de Molina square we can survey Úbeda’s artistic heritage. El Salvador, work of Vandelvira, el Palacio de las Cadenas (the chained Palace), La Iglesia de Santa Maria de los Alcazares (the Church of Saint Mary of the Royal Palaces) and Palaces like that of the Casa de los Salvajes (House of the Savages), the Guadiana palace or that of Vela de los Cobos, the Church of San Pablo (Saint Paul’s Church), La Puerta del Rosal (the Rosetree gate ) or the Archaeological Museum and many Renaissance buildings such as Saint James’ Hospital. Úbeda is also famous for its pottery.

Baeza: City of monuments, most notably the tower of the old Gothic cathedral, the Church of Santa Cruz (the saints cross), palaces such as Jabalquinto with a Gothic – Isabelline façade, Fuente de Santa Maria (Saint Mary’s fountain), or the old University building.  Further on we find the Plaza del Populo, the old jailhouse (now the council building), the restored ruins of Saint Francis’ convent and further churches and palaces throughout.

Jaen: On the hills below the Muslim castle lie scattered pines and the houses of the old quarter. In the city centre, surrounded by the churches of San Juan, San Andres, La Magdalena, La Merced and San Bartolome, lies  Jaén Cathedral.  Below the Palace de Villardompardo there are some wonderful Arab Baths, upstairs the palace houses two museums, that of Popular Art and the Naif International.  In an other part of the city is the Provincial Museum, Las Portadas de San Miguel (the gates of Saint Michael), the Posito... all around we see the influence of the Iberians Romans or Arabs.

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